............. "NUMINA" - Masks for the Elemental Powers

Ann Waters as "Dawn of the New Aeon"

"Corizone Elliott as "Rainbow"

" I bear a message of hope.   YOU are the Rainbow Bridge prophesized so long ago. "

In 2012 I worked on a growing collection of masks I call "NUMINA: Masks for the Elemental Powers". It was my pleasure to see them used in a new play, The Awakening - Our Changing Earth created by Ann Waters, in collaboration with Mana Youngbear and the Muse in Willits and performed in March of 2013. As with "The Masks of the Goddess" they will be held in trust for communities that may wish to use them.

The early Romans believed nature was inhabited and maintained by elemental forces they called the "Numina". The mysterious forests, the generous orchards, the fields of grain, the healing springs each had an intelligent spirit, a Numen. Every Roman farm had a shrine dedicated to the "spirit of place" that lived there. Being in good relationship with the Numina was necessary for the health, prosperity, and spiritual well being of all who lived on the land. As Rome grew storytellers gave the Numina names, and weavers of myth gave them faces, and eventually temples were built for them as they became the early Gods and Goddesses of Rome. But their ancient origins were never forgotten, their primal grace always sought. Indeed - these"Spirits of Place", what the Romans called Genious Loci, call to us still, urgently. We hear them call from the troubled depths of the ocean, from the loss of wild habitat, the loss of the bees, unprecedented hurricanes, summer heat and wild fires, drought and flood. Once the world was Conversant, a conversation our ancestors participated in. It's time to learn again to listen.  

Traditional masks were offered to Spirit to speak through the medium of the Mask and the magic of Theatre, Dance, Storytelling, and Ritual. This Collection is offered with this hope in mind.

(Photographs are copyright Jerri Jo Idarius)

"You've gathered through the springtime, summer and the fall.
Your offerings are yours alone, and precious to us all.
  Rest and build your strength up.

Cycle with the moon.
Offer your song of life
  A very sacred tune.
Dream of where you're going
  Dream of where you've been
  Dreams  make the Gathering.   Beginnings never end."


Take this yarn from me. Form a weft that makes you strong ~ weave the threads so life goes on.

Take this yarn from me. Become as Spiderwoman,  sitting in the center of your web. All of its snaking rivers and twining roots are inside of you! All those threads come right out of your hands and out of your hearts. All those threads just go on forever:

Into the Earth, and into each other, into all your stories, into everyone you'll ever know, Into all those who came before you,  and all those who will come after you .



All photographs are copyright Jerri Jo Idarius and used with her permission.


copyright © 2012 Lauren Raine