THE GREENMAN (and Friends)

The Greenman is a universal symbol of the renewal of life - found in many times, and by many names.

"The Oak King". $200.00


.Small Oak (Metallics) $75.00............."Lucy's Mask" $50.00 ......... "David's Mask" $60.00

"Large Greenman Mask"


(Forest Green, Bright Green or Fall colors)


The Green Man at the Renaissance Faire

Large "Oak" Mask

$150.00 (Forest Green, Red Oak, or Fall colors)

Small "Oak" Mask (spring greens) $75.00



Small "Oak" Mask $75.00

(iridescent "Fairy Colors").

Small Oak Mask ("Fall Reds") $75.00


"Lucy's Mask" $50.00

(Reds, Greens, Metallics as below, or Irridescent)

"Sally's Mask" $60.00 . (Reds & Greens)


"Harry's Mask" $75.00

(Metallics or Greens & Reds)



Fall, Summer & Winter $75.00

"Horns" $75.00




"Bacchus" and "The Greenman" (full face variation) $200.00 each

"Moth Fairy" (full face variation) $200.00

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