From "Ritual of Attunement", August 11th, 1999

We invite Gaia to be with us.

Gaia, the very Earth we stand upon, this soil, this rock, this shining, white and blue planet spinning like a living jewel in the blackness of space.

Her waters are Her blood, and our blood. Her valleys and mountains are Her bones, the great rain forests are Her breath. The Clouds, Her moods, Her language. And the four legged beings, the ones that swim, the ones that fly, and we, ourselves - we are Her eyes, Her ears, also the Mind of the Earth.

Gaia is here: we are Gaia, we are the world.

We invite you to feel the presence of Gaia, to experience the planet itself, a living, breathing, conscious Being, dancing in union with the sun, the moon, the other great Beings in this little corner of the Galaxy.

Feel your feet on the Earth. Feel the heartbeat of Gaia.

Your arms like branches, the crown of your head like the leafy crown of a tree, opening to the sun. Let the breath of the world come in. Breathe it into your heart, let it gather in your heart. And become a tree,

A tree in Gaia's grove.

An aspen tree, on a mountainside. A flowering plum, blowing petals like kisses on a bright spring day. A medicine tree, a eucalyptus, an apple, a poisonous hemlock, a rowen tree

offering red fruit to greedy sparrows.

Become a Boji tree, in the red lands, the dry lands, a tree of bones, where all dreams are dreams of water. Become a tall black oak standing in a snow field, dreaming of the sun's return. Dream with us.

Feel your hands like twigs, your feet like roots, the sun in your leaves.
Feel Gaia's heart beneath your feet, your roots going down, down into darkness, into mystery. Into secret waters, past pottery shards, the bones of ancient antelope, past nameless cities long forgotten, past stone and crystal.

Into the darkness, into the dreaming Earth. Go down, into the Heart of Gaia.

Feel your roots like the roots of a redwood forest, a web of intertwined roots that sustain the great trees, that touch all other trees, all other beings. Send your hearts down, down into the roots. Feel the fibers, the web that connects us to each other, this Circle, this park, this city, the trees, the animals. Feel the flow of energy, sustaining each other. And reach out, reach out and expand your awareness.

Somewhere on the other side of the world, a woman rises to make bread for her family. A child plays in the dust, a painter tries to remember a dream he had the night before as he stands before an empty canvas, a girl in a red sari prepares for her wedding.

Somewhere on the other side of the world, a man is dying alone in great pain. A child is starving. And a woman stands before her ruined home in a place of war.

Feel them, their love, their sorrow. Reach out along your roots.

Somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere a forest is burning, somewhere in the West poisons are pouring into a river, and the river is dying, the land is weeping. Somewhere in the far North the last of a species of song birds is extinct and the fields are silent, the fields are grieving. Somewhere in the East acid rain falls into a lake that fed many generations: and the lake is barren. Feel the sorrow of Gaia, the sorrow of the land.

Somewhere in the South, winter is ending. Somewhere in the East, the sun is rising. Reach out along your roots, and feel the pulse of life.

Bring it up, through your roots, through your feet. And listen, listen to your heart, the beat of Gaia's heart. All one, one rhythm, one beat.

Take that light, that light in each of us, and gather it, and send it down. Down into the Earth, along our roots, our roots in Gaia.

Send it down, into the Earth.
Into the Earth, the best of us,
into the Earth, our roots,
into the Earth, our dreams,
into the Earth, our origins,
into the Earth, our love.
into the Earth, our light.

With thanks to Reclaiming, Abbie Willowroot's GODDESS 2000 Project,

and the RITES TRIBE: Serene, Silk, Flynt, Duncan, Kelly, Jim, Dominick, Greg.