"Know Thyself" is the threshold to Sophia. In the Gnostic Gospel of Saint Thomas, Sophia is called "The silence beyond comprehension." Sophia means wisdom, "to know" in Greek.

In early Christianity, Sophia was, like the Shekinah of Judaism, the female aspect of God. Churches were dedicated to Her, among them the great Basilica of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Gnostic mystics believed the divine could not be realized with the mind, but only accessed through ecstatic inner experience - personal gnosis.

Lyrics by Margarita Kovats

I am Sophia, hear me:

I will take you where you've never been.
I will curl around you, like a snake in love.
I will be your sacrifice.

You will lust for my heat of life,
I will satisfy your every need.
I will pull you out from inside yourself.
I will be the soul you can't resist.

Never again will I leave the Earth.
Never again will the false god lead -
He has shown the way to a dreadful ruin.
He has raised the temples that drip in blood.
He has brought the sword in his own name.
No longer can my tongue be stayed.

From this day forth
you have my vow, my everlasting troth:

I will bring my flesh to you
You will live inside my hope.

Take my symbol from this day forth
of my never ending promise.
I will be where your eyes look
I will be there when they're resting
I will be your shade in the wasteland.
None but me will fill your chalice.
I will be your light and ale and water.
Come with me, and begin again.

I am Sophia: Know Me.

THE VEIL Copyright © 2002
from "Sophia Speaks"